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5 Considerations When You're Shopping For A Latex Mattress

Here are 5 important factors for buying a latex foam mattress. They can be your guideline in comparing different latex mattresses. They’ll help you make the right choice – and, maybe even, save you some money.

1. Synthetic Latex or Natural or Organic? Don’t rule out a synthetic or blended mattress. Latex manufacturing continues to develop blends and synthetic that allow them to improve the comfort and support of the mattress. Don’t get stuck on all-natural or organic. Shopping the synthetic or blends may give you a more comfortable bed and a lower price.

2. Dunlop or Talalay or Both? You have to know the difference. The Dunlop method results in a latex foam that is firmer and durable. Talalay has a softer feel and is actually a little more expensive than the Dunlop foam. This is going to come down to a decision of what makes you comfortable. However, many buyers have found that combination of the two gives them the best of both worlds. With a Talalay layer over a Dunlop layer, a mattress can deliver both a softer, comfortable feel and great support.

3. Certifications. No matter whether you choose an natural latex foam, a synthetic or a blend, you want to check for certifications that show the mattress meets high industry standards. For example, Oeko-Tex and CertiPUR-US certifications both safe and clean. That’s what’s important.

4. It will be Different. And, that means you need time. Changing to a foam mattress is a change. Experts say it takes up to 30 days for your body to adjust to a new bed. That’s hard to do in a showroom window! One option is to buy your latex foam mattress on the Internet. Because foam can be compressed, you can have it shipped to your door and these mattress comes with long – like up to 120 days – trial periods. No risk buying!

5. You want a Warranty. A warranty is another way to know you’ve bought a quality product. You want a warranty of at least 10 years according to mattress buying guides.

Many sleepers have found that a latex foam gives them support, comfort – and less morning pain. If you’re looking for a new mattress, be sure to try a latex foam mattress. Buying a latex foam mattress on the Internet can give you a quality mattress, a longer trial period and a lower price. It may be the best way to buy.