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Titan Plus Luxe

Designed specially for plus size, big, and tall

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Add GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover


From the carefully selected foams to the 8-inch steel coil core (TitanCore), this hybrid design was built for the big, tall, and powerfully strong—while offering the most plush design available


Plush comfort is your right—and we went to work to offer the support and durability of a firm mattress with the added sag-resistant benefits of plush high-quality foam and strong contouring coils 


We began with cooling comfort at the top—added plenty of moisture-wicking technology in the top layers, and finished with a breathable coil core to allow body heat to dissipate. Add our optional GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover for high-tech cooling comfort.


Unique Contours 

Most plus size mattresses settle for firm support—we took it up a notch (because you deserve it!) with plush yet sag-resistant foams and a supportive yet contouring innerspring 

Plus Positive 

We set out to design a plus positive mattress—and we didn’t stop until we had created the most luxurious, most plush, and most durable design on the market

Strong Comfort 

Our core of up to 900 individually encased TitanCore coils means that you enjoy superior motion isolation, edge-to-edge support, and the ultimate shoulder and hip contouring 


Plush comfort must be built to last—and we experimented until we found foams that guarantee your top comfort layer will look the same on day one as it does in ten years




Upgrade and enjoy cooling on contact for a never too hot, never too cold sleep experience, night after night


1” Quilted Top with Gel Foam

Offers immediate responsiveness to your every move while providing an infusion of cooling gel for optimal thermal regulation


2” TitanFlex™ Comfort Foam

Delivers both responsive contouring and pressure point relief


1” Supreme Response Transition Foam

Carefully paired with TitanFlex™ to enhance contouring and provide deeper compression support


8” TitanCore Individually Encased Coils

Consists of up to 900 encased coils to provide long-lasting support, durability, and contouring comfort


1” High-Density Base Foam

Reinforces our premium coil core while adding durability and longevity to the mattress


Everyone deserves an affordable, high-quality sleep solution. That is why we have spent decades perfecting our craft by sourcing top-of-the-line materials, improving our techniques, and striving for innovation in our Arizona Factory. 

Watch the video to learn more about how your mattress is made.



“The Titan is one of the only beds sold today that is specifically designed for heavier individuals. Support is a key strength…an even, comfortable surface for sleepers in any weight group. “


“If you weigh more than 250 pounds and spend the majority of the night on your back or stomach, you should seriously consider this mattress.”


“Those with plus-size figures do not need to compromise on comfort in order to receive the support they need…with Titan, Brooklyn Bedding has hit the market with a hybrid nicely balanced.”




The height of the Titan Plus Luxe is 13.” An illustration of the mattress with details for each layer is found on the product page, along with a full product description.

The gauge of the individually encased TitanCore coils used in the construction of the Titan Plus Luxe is 13.5 gauge.

The weight of the mattress and its dimensions vary by selection. The Titan Plus Luxe weighs between 80-150 pounds. Dimensions for mattress sizes can be found in the graphic here:

Any type of support system that provides minimal to no flex will work with our mattress. This includes most platform, slat, and box spring foundations. If you need a foundation for your new mattress, check out our foundations specifically designed for Brooklyn Bedding mattresses here.
The Titan Plus Luxe is constructed with several cooling features. First, a uniquely woven top knit in the standard model ensures a neutral temperature environment. Second, the Titan Plus Luxe features an infusion of TitaniumGel™ in the TitanFlex™ foam layer, contributing significantly to a cooler night’s sleep. Third, the coil systems used in the construction of hybrid mattresses always allow for greater airflow than all-foam mattresses.

For even greater temperature moderation, a GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover can be added to any Titan Plus mattress as an optional feature—just look for the “ADD GLACIOTEX™ COOLING COVER” option on the right side of the product page when making your selection. Once you add this feature to your mattress, the GlacioTex Cooling Cover will be sewn into the surface of the mattress to moderate temperature while delivering ultimate cooling on contact.
Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are designed to be used on foundations with solid support with minimal to no flex. This includes slatted wood or metal foundations with slats no more than 4" apart, wood or metal box foundations, and solid wood or metal platforms.
The GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover is an optional feature that does not impact the contouring, firmness level, or support of the Titan Plus Luxe mattress. What it does affect is temperature moderation—providing cooling relief on contact. This added feature can be especially important to plus-size sleepers who tend to experience night sweats or otherwise sleep too hot. Because the optional cooling cover is sewn into the surface of the mattress, the height of the mattress remains 13” tall.
Most Brooklyn Bedding mattresses should be rotated every 6 to 8 months but never flipped (or inverted). Our mattresses are designed with comfort layers on top and support layers on bottom, including individually encased coils in hybrid models. We also use higher quality materials that last much longer than traditional mattresses. The exceptions to the “no flip” rule are the Plank Firm and Plank Firm Luxe mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding, the EcoSleep by Brooklyn Bedding and the Propel All-Foam and Propel Hybrid mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding. These mattresses are designed with varying firmness levels on either side of the mattress and can be flipped to customize your sleep experience.

Sleepers in the plus-size category are more likely to see premature wear and tear on their sleep surfaces. Whether they identify as big and tall or curvy, customers in the category share problems unique to their mattresses that include:

  • More middle sag in the mattress
  • More softening of the entire sleep surface
  • Decreased edge support
  • Uneven distribution of support across the surface
  • Decreased comfort and support over time
  • More frequent night sweats
  • Increased motion transfer between sleep partners

The Titan Plus was developed as a substantial sleep surface that addresses all of these major concerns. Our next generation mattress, the Titan Plus Luxe, was specifically developed in response to customer feedback from two types of people: plus-size sleepers who want ample support, but require a more medium-level feel—and plus-size sleepers whose partners are not necessarily plus-size and absolutely require more contouring.

The major differences between the Titan Plus Luxe and the Titan Plus can be found in the beds’ cores: the Titan Plus Luxe offers deeper compression support in a one-inch transitional layer of Energex™ foam, along with eight-inch individually encased TitanCore coils. The resulting density and pressure point relief are comparable to a medium-level firmness, including enhanced contouring that accommodates the comfort needs of all sleepers.

The Titan Plus Luxe mattress is designed to support up to 1,000 pounds. If you think you may need a firmer sleep experience, or both you and your sleep partner are plus-size, you might consider the Titan Plus mattress by Brooklyn Bedding, which offers a true firm sleep experience.

If during your 120-night sleep trial (which begins once you receive your new mattress), you decide that you are not completely happy with your mattress and wish to return it, we will help dispose of your mattress and help you begin your return. 

Please allow 30 days to laps from the date of delivery before beginning the return process.

Customers are able to make use of this 120-night comfort trial on one occasion. The second occasion is not eligible for a return.

Please note: there is a $99 return fee for all mattress returns to cover the cost of picking up your mattress. We do our very best to donate, recycle, or otherwise repurpose all returned mattresses. 

Please contact us at support@brooklynbedding.com with “Return Request” in the subject line, and we will respond quickly to process your request. 

Please Note: No returns or exchanges will be offered on clearance items.

Our mattresses are made in America using foreign and domestic components.


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