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5 New Ideas to Help You Sleep
We count on technology and new products to make our lives better. Here are 5 new products and apps that can do that – by helping you get to sleep whether you’re traveling or at home. Think about what keeps you awake and which one will help you get that deep restful sleep.

Turn off the light!
Look for an alarm clock that doesn’t just let you dim the display – it lets you turn if off completely. No more ambient light to disturb you and no more clock watching when you’re trying to get to sleep. That clock watching can become part of what keeps you awake. So, get the clock that lets you go completely dark.

That nasty blue light
...Is part of our lives. It’s coming from our tables, our computers and our phones. Blue light has been shown to be one of the things that can interfere with your sleep, and it’s recommended to shut off any blue light emitting device an hour or more before bedtime. But, you want to finish the chapter in the book that’s on the tablet or you need to see if that important email came through before you go to sleep. Download a blue light filter from your favorite app store and it will adjust your screen color to diminish the blue light that might be part of what’s keeping you awake after you turn the tablet/phone/computer off.

Wake up at the best time
Tired of that alarm that rings right when you’re in a deep sleep. Here’s another app that can help! It’s the Sleep Cycle App and it uses your phone to track your movements in your sleep and then wakes you up in your lightest sleep stage within a 30 minute window. You’re not jolted out of your soundest sleep stage so you’ll wake up feeling more ready to get going. The app will also help you evaluate your sleep.

Try a new sleep mask
Now you can find a sleep mask that is contoured so it doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes. Why? Because the rapid eye movement stage is the stage of the deepest sleep. Old masks that put pressure on the eyes could prevent REM and the deep sleep you need.

Try a different earplug
If you want to block sound, but your earplugs are so uncomfortable, they interfere with your sleep look for new ones with a different length. Now there are ear plugs designed for side sleepers with a length that makes them comfortable while they block out most noise so you can have the undisturbed rest you need.
Does one of these new products or apps look like it might solve your sleep problem? Give it a try. But, remember you can’t get a good night’s rest on an old, lumpy mattress. Sleeping well is dependent on your comfort so if it’s time for a new mattress, don’t put it off. Check out all the new technology in mattresses including restful, natural mattresses. If you’re not sleeping well, do something to fix it! You need a good night’s sleep to be your healthy, active best.