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5 Reasons You Should Buy an Adjustable Bed Frame (At Any Age)
Adjustable bed frames...

For many, an adjustable bed conjures up images of hospital beds or your grandparent's bedroom. But here's the thing... no matter what age you are, or your level of health, an adjustable foundation might be the best bedding decision you'll ever make. Seriously.

Why? Because adjustable bed frames are just as much about enhancing your lifestyle as they are about ergonomic sleep positions. Sit up in your bed to watch TV or type on your laptop? Eat your favorite snacks in bed? A snoring partner keeps you awake at night? An adjustable bed has your back (literally).

Here are out top 5 reasons you should invest in the hottest trending sleep accessory on the market.


They work with just about any modern mattress.

While some assume that adjustable bases only work with super-thin, all foam mattresses (or, in other words, not yours), adjustable bases work with most latex foam, memory foam and even some innerspring beds. Of course, it's always a good idea to double check that your selected mattress works with an adjustable base but, generally, any mattress that can be compressed into a box for shipping (like every mattress sold by Brooklyn Bedding) will work great with the right adjustable foundation. More good news: adjustable bases work with virtually any bed frame as well.


They can help reduce chronic back pain.*

An adjustable base lets you customize your position, helping to keep your spine aligned and reducing pressure on your lower back and hips. For example, if you suffer from lower back pain, sleeping in a slightly inclined position with support under your knees may reduce pressure and morning aches and pains. An adjustable base with dual motors for head and foot adjustments will also allow you to slightly elevate your feet above your heart while you sleep—helping facilitate better blood flow.

*Certain types of chronic pain cannot always be remedied by a change in your sleep or mattress. Always consult a doctor to determine the root cause of your pain and how to fix it.


They help to reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Snoring is caused by air being blocked between your mouth or nose and your lungs. This blockage makes the tissue vibrate, which can often lead to a less-than-soothing noise. Gravity works with the weight of your neck to create the blockage, especially when you are lying down. By adjusting the base to raise your head, you can better alleviate some of that pressure and more effectively open up your airways. Plus, if you have obstructive sleep apnea, an adjustable base can contribute to a personalized solution.


They help to improve digestion.

While it's never a good idea to go to sleep or lie down right after eating, chances are you've been guilty of doing just that. Unfortunately, lying flat makes it harder for your body to digest food and easier for you to experience acid reflux. Raising your head just six inches will help your body's digestion process, and is especially effective for those that experience chronic acid reflux. Pillows can help, but without adequate support under your upper back and shoulders (often the case when you are propped up solely by pillows) some pain caused from misalignment is likely. An adjustable frame helps to reduce issues stemming from acid reflux without the risk of causing poor alignment and support.


They can help to reduce swelling.

You may be on your feet all day and come home with swollen lower legs or feet. You may have a sprain or other injury. Or, you have a health condition like varicose veins that results in less than ideal circulation. Raising your feet and legs can help reduce swelling but, if you’ve ever tried to stack up pillows or use a cushion, you know how cumbersome the constant adjustments can be—especially if you are trying to get some shuteye. An adjustable base helps maintain a consistent elevation of your feet and legs throughout the night, offering some much needed relief.

Bottom line: adjustable bases offer unparalleled comfort and customization whether lounging or sleeping. Talk to a sleep expert to find the best solution for your mattress—or better yet, invest in a new mattress and adjustable frame to get your best sleep ever.