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5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with a Good Night’s Sleep
When you need it most, sometimes it’s most elusive. As the Holidays ramp up to full speed, you and your family may find that getting needed sleep isn’t easy. Here are 5 tips to help you get through the busiest time of the year with everyone feeling bright eyed and well rested.

Keep Your Bedtime As Regular As Possible – Even When Traveling

Wrapping just one more present…catching up with friends and family…watching that Holiday special, many things tempt you to stay up later than usual. You’ll enjoy the Holidays more if you can keep your bedtime – and your family’s bedtime -- as regular as possible. Try to limit “overtime” to no more than an hour past normal bedtimes. Traveling? If it’s a short stay of only a day or two, try to stay as close to normal bedtimes as usual – even if that means being first to bed or up when everyone else is sleeping.

Don’t Do It All Yourself

The Holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate family – and to use other family members to take some of the burden off yourself. Instead of thinking of Holiday shopping as something that must get done, make it fun by inviting a sibling or a family member. At home, involve the children – they can help pick up the house or clear the table. Letting them help prepare a special dish involves them in a family tradition and gives you extra hands to get the job done.

Put Some Fun In The Bedtime Routine

Turn off the electronics and break out an old favorite – like Monopoly or a read-aloud book. With the children out of school, it’s a great time to make the hour before bedtime family time. It’s also a great way to get everyone relaxed and ready to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Turn Out The Lights

You’ve got thousands of twinkling lights. They’re hanging from the eaves. They’re shining on your plants, your trees, your mailbox and more. Then, there’s the Holiday deer or snowmen – bright and sparkly. Your home may be the best decorated on the block, but all that light may be contributing to making it difficult for you and your family to get to sleep if it’s glowing inside as well as outside. Turn off the TV; turn off the computers and other screens – and turn off the outside lights, too.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Getting out in the daylight will help keep your circadian rhythm in sync. A brisk walk or other exercise also helps quality sleep. So, enjoy! Take the family sledding or skiing if you live in a cold climate or enjoy an outdoor sport or game if you live in a warm climate. Exercise and light during the day will help you sleep well at night.

When you climb into your bed, make sure it’s ready to help you get that great night’s rest. Splurge on great linens and comforters. If your mattress isn’t giving you the support you need, think about a super Holiday gift to yourself – a new latex-alternative mattress, ordered without any stress on the Internet and delivered right to your door! It’s that easy to make an investment in what you need most during the busy season – a good night’s sleep.