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6 Tips to Sleep Soundly During a Hot Summer Night

Did you know that the ideal body temperature for sleep is only 88 degrees, while most people have an average skin temperature of 91 degrees? Add in the hot weather of the summer months, and many struggle to fall and stay asleep. If you're struggling to find ways to stay cool for some shuteye, check out these 6 simple tips to sleep soundly during a hot summer night.

Close your blinds or curtains (even when you aren't home). During the day, you may like seeing the sun stream through your bedroom windows, but direct sunlight can cause internal temperatures to skyrocket. Do everything you can to limit the heat in the room. Windows should stay shut and the shades, blinds or drapes should be closed.

Set your A/C to a comfortable mid-70 temperature. Though the recommended sleep temperature is somewhere in the mid-60s, it's unlikely you'll want to pay the extra utility bill. Find a middle ground with a temperature in the mid-70s and add a fan or two to keep airflow up for better cooling.

Add an extra fan. If you don’t have A/C or want to give your air conditioner some help, a fan that helps increase airflow will help enormously. If you don't have a ceiling fan, invest in a standing fan. The bonus of using a standing fan or ceiling fan is that the gentle humming sound emitted from both can help lull you to sleep.

Change your bedding. Invest in bedding that is cool, crisp and breathable. Fabrics like silk and certain polyester blends have limited breathability. Opt instead for low thread count cotton sheets, Rayon from Bamboo or linen bedding.

Invest in "blackout" curtains. With longer days, daylight may be interfering with your sleep pattern. If it’s still light when you want to go to sleep or light an hour or more before you need to be awake, invest in some good blackout curtains and a better night’s rest.

Swap your mattress for a specialty cooling mattress. Not all mattresses are created equal. Some mattresses feature specialized cooling technology, including gel foam and surface layer cooling infusions. For the ultimate cooling, pair a bed with multiple cooling infusions with super-breathable sheets, like bamboo sateen.


All in all, sleeping cool means sleeping more comfortably — and if it's quality sleep you're after, that's just what you want! If you find yourself waking up sweaty or unusually hot, consider investing in bedding and a mattress that is designed to serve the needs of sleepers like you.