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6 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Restful Retreat
Did you know? New studies indicate that a cleaner bedroom may actually lead to better sleep. Your level of cleanliness aside, it's not just how tidy your room is that makes a difference—everything from the color of your decor to the temperature of your room can contribute to it being a restful retreat verses an uncomfortable environment. So just how can you transform your bedroom into the former? Check out these 6 simple tips to make your bedroom more inviting, more relaxing and better suited for a great night's sleep.

YOU! Creating that special place takes the cooperation of you and your partner. It should not be a place to discuss little Johnny’s failing math grade or how horrible your boss was today. When you enter your bedroom, try to leave problems at the door. Yes, it’s a place to reconnect, but do your best to make that a loving, companionable connect. Discuss problems elsewhere.

Choose colors that promote sleep.

A fiery red is not very relaxing, and neither are bright yellow hues that promote energy and wakefulness. For a restful environment that promotes sleep, think of the ocean, the sky, the soft greens of a spring morning. Those are great colors for your bedroom. For a more muted tone in your bedroom, try grays and other gentle, blue-hued earth tones like slate blue and warm beige.

Factor in a place to sit.

There are times when you want to curl up with a book or your own thoughts. There are mornings when you’d love to just relax with your partner over a cup of coffee and not have to balance it in bed. If there’s room, make sure that there are a couple of chairs or a love seat. You’ll be glad to be able to slip away into your retreat.

Make your bed more inviting.

Pay attention to your bed linens—crisp and comfortable fabrics like bamboo twill not only look great, but feel great too. This is a place where it’s worth the few extra dollars to shop for quality, and you can always look online for quality at a discount. Hide utilitarian pillows behind big pillows with European-style shams. Fold a coverlet or soft throw at the bottom of the bed. If you want to go all out, consider the added privacy of a tented bed or translucent canopy.

Get rid of the clutter.

Cleaner, less cluttered rooms are more likely to usher in sleep and relaxation. Likewise, a messy desk or dressing table takes away from a calm ambiance. While you’re taking out the clutter, take out as many electronics as possible. You don’t want your bedroom to be the place where you check up with social media or answer emails on your phone. The type of light emitted from these devices are linked to hindering healthy melatonin production in the brain, meaning a higher likelihood of wakefulness well into the night.

Sights and smells.

Smell is nearly as important as visual elements in your bedroom, and introducing restful scents like chamomile and lavender can help your bedroom feel more restful and relaxing. Consider scented candles, diffusers and essential oils to help promote a feeling of calm in your bedroom. If you can, open a window to allow fresh air in for an even better result.