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The 5 Most Common Nightmares and Their Meaning
Night, night – sleep tight. Well, maybe. If your sleep is interrupted by nightmares, maybe not. There are common themes to nightmares – here are the top 5 and why you may be having them.

1. Falling
Let’s get the worst part of this one out of the way. If you hit the ground in your dream, you’re not going to die in real life. This nightmare may have a physical reason. It is thought that a change in your blood pressure as you fall into a deeper sleep or movement in the inner ear fluid could cause the sensation of falling. Dream analysts think this dream could also represent a feeling of loss of control in your life or a feeling your life is out of balance.

2. Being chased
Well, if you go back to Freud, he thought it was all about sex. But, with him, what wasn’t? Modern dream analysts think it’s more about insecurity. The “thing” chasing you is that insecurity. Of course, it could also be envy, anger, hate or fear, too. Another analyst sees this dream as a positive one that means you’re ready to face a problem. The analysts aren’t too accurate about what it is that’s chasing you so you’ll have to look to yourself for the answer.

3. Being naked or partially clothed
Maybe you’re feeling vulnerable or unprepared. It could represent a sense of inferiority – that you will look transparent to others. But, if you’re naked and don’t care or nobody notices, the opposite could be true. Then, it could mean that you are proud of who you are and have high-esteem. Maybe, you’re a bit of a showoff?

4. Being injured
Dreaming about being injured or having wounds has a variety of meanings (but don’t all dreams?). It could be you feel powerless or be linked to a situation where you feel cut off and left out. If you’re hurting yourself, you may be afraid that you are sabotaging your own efforts.

5. Tooth loss
Again, the analysts have many meanings for this one – it could be anxiety or depression. Or, it could be feeling a lack of control. Maybe, it’s just that you’re getting older and feeling mortal.

There doesn’t seem to be much consensus on what a dream means and you may well have your own ideas about what you dream. But, one thing is a nightmare for sure – it’s when you can’t get to sleep. Create a restful bedtime routine – with no electronics right before bedtime. If it’s your mattress keeping you awake, check out all the new choices for mattress buying. You might want to stick with a traditional innerspring mattress or try the cool comfort and full body support of a new latex bed.
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