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Sedona Elite

The ultimate luxury cooling hybrid with dual-coil support.


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The handcrafted Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid® is our most luxurious mattress yet—offering a dual coil system that includes an 8'' zoned core of individually pocketed coils plus an additional layer of micro-coils providing unparalleled pressure relief, motion isolation, and comfort.

Breathability and cooling are achieved from copper infused foam and our careful layering of innersprings that promote greater airflow. Our zoned Ascension® coils offer full body contouring, superior lumbar support, and unparalleled pressure relief. This long-lasting support and quality brings the five-star hotel experience directly to your home, night after night.

  • Advanced cooling top fabric that delivers cooling benefits on contact
  • 1.5” copper infused memory foam, a top layer that offers the antimicrobial and cooling properties of copper with the exceptional full body cushioning and pressure relief of memory foam.
  • 2.5” micro pocketed coils, a flexible and soundless spring that follows the natural contours of the body to enhance airflow, motion isolation, and pressure relief. (Includes up to 6,000 coils.)
  • 1.5” hyper-dense transition foam provides a gentle transition to our advanced coil system.
  • 8” core of individually encased coils, the patented Ascension X® coils offer reinforced edge support and three carefully zoned areas for superior lumbar support—while also providing superior pressure relief, motion isolation, and breathability. (Includes up to 1,032 coils.)
  • 1” high-density foam base adds durability to the mattress while reinforcing our individually encased coils as they compress.
  • Offered in a universal medium comfort-level to provide optimal support and the right amount of pressure relief.
  • Bed-in-a-box delivery allows for easy maneuverability from your front door to your bedroom.
  • Free delivery to all 48 contiguous states.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • 120-night risk free trial.

Thoughtfully engineered
one layer at a time.

Brooklyn Sedona - Layered Material

Advanced Cooling Fabric

Advanced cooling top panel that delivers cooling benefits on contact

1.5” Copper Infused Memory Foam

A cooling and antimicrobial top comfort layer with full body cushioning and pressure relief

2.5” Micro Pocketed Coils

A flexible and soundless spring with up to 6,000 coils that follows the natural contours of the body to enhance airflow, motion isolation, and pressure relief

1.5” Transition Foam

A hyper-dense foam provides a gentle transition to our advanced coil system

8” Ascension® Coils

A core of individually encased coils (with up to 1,032 coils) offer reinforced edge support and three carefully zoned areas for superior lumbar support

1” High-Density Foam Base

A durable base that reinforces our individually encased coils as they compress

Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid - Layered Material

What to expect

120-Night Trial

We’re so committed to helping you get the best sleep ever from your mattress purchase, we offer a 120-night risk-free comfort trial.

free shipping & returns

Free shipping is always standard with your mattress order—and we offer a zero-risk option with free shipping on exchanges and returns.


We deliver your mattress in a box, shipped directly to your door. Set-up is easy: click here to see the best way ever to open and decompress your mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding

Industry Reviews

"Owning their own factory gives Brooklyn Bedding extraordinary control over their materials, cost, and assembly specifications."

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"[Brooklyn Bedding offers] high-quality product sold at extremely competitive prices. Their direct-to-consumer business is reflected in the brand's ability to pass savings along to their customers."

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"There’s no doubt with Brooklyn Bedding that the designers and manufacturers are mattress experts and knew very well how to make a quality product."

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Brooklyn Bedding

Firmness Scale

Brooklyn Sedona - Firmness Scale

Brooklyn Bedding

Firmness Scale

Brooklyn Bedding

Asked Questions

At a height of 14 inches, the Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid boasts an above average mattress height. (The average mattress height being 8 to 12 inches.) For an illustration of the mattress, a detailed description of each layer, and a full product description, please visit our product page here.

Yes, all Brooklyn Bedding mattress foams are both hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US® Certified, and are therefore made without ozone depleters, Tris flame retardants, heavy metals, and other toxic substances.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid varies in weight starting at 65 pounds for a twin up to 145 pounds for a king. For the dimensions of each mattress size, please consult our information graphic here.

Any mattress foundation with slats no more than 3 inches apart will work well with any Brooklyn Bedding mattress. While a mattress foundation is not necessary, please be sure that the mattress rests on a surface with minimal to no flex.

If you prefer a foundation, please see our Brooklyn Bedding foundations here.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid is constructed with several cooling features. Our uniquely woven top knit cooling panel draws heat out and away from the body. Next, our top comfort layer of Copper Infused Memory Foam utilizes the cooling properties of copper to prevent you from sleeping hot. Finally, the dual coil system creates breathability and airflow, helping to draw heat away from the body to keep you cool.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid should never be flipped since this mattress is designed with a supportive base and topped with select comfort layers. Instead, we encourage you to rotate your mattress every 6 to 8 months for optimal comfort and sustained longevity.

The mattress’s base of individually wrapped steel coils offers deep compression support while also offering great edge support from a reinforced perimeter of tightly wound coils.

The Sedona Hybrid is our most luxurious mattress—while the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is our most advanced cooling mattress. The Sedona’s cool top panel coupled with the copper infused memory foam both provide cooling—but the dual coil system of 8” coils and micro coils provides a distinctive feel, level of comfort, and support often associated with a luxury hotel bed. Find out more about our mattresses’ unique features on our product page.

The Brooklyn Sedona Hybrid is engineered to support as much as 950 pounds—a standard feature for all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. However, if you are looking for a mattress built for a plus size sleeper (or a plus size partner), please consider our Titan mattress, found here.

We are confident that we are providing you with the very best bedding available. If for any reason, you decide that your mattress does not fit your needs, we ask that you first try the mattress for 30 nights from the date of delivery to properly adjust to the new mattress.

Then, if you are still unsatisfied with your mattress, we will gladly refund your purchase within our generous 120 night risk-free trial period.

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