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Spring Forward: 8 Spring Cleaning Tips for the Ultimate Sleep Reset
Daylight Savings is more than just a reset of the clocks - the "spring forward" is a great opportunity to reset your sleep environment, too! Come March 11, you might be getting one less hour of precious ZZZs, but you can use the Daylight Savings shift as an opportunity to jumpstart your spring cleaning... starting with the bedroom. The Sleep Experts at Brooklyn Bedding recommend these 8 simple spring cleaning tips to get a pristine sleep experience starting this month.

1. Rotate your mattress.

Rotating your mattress is key to maintaining the integrity and longevity of your number one sleep investment. By simply rotating your mattress 180 degrees, you distribute your weight across new zones, allowing areas with any impressions to recover over the next six months.

2. Deep clean your mattress.

Cleaning your mattress can (and should) go way beyond simply swapping the sheets, especially if you have a foam mattress. Before you clean your linens and call it a day, take time to do a deep clean of your mattress. Not sure where to start? Check out our steps for cleaning your mattress.

3. Declutter your under-bed storage.

If your bed is multifunctional with built-in drawers, empty the drawers and wipe them clean. Sort what you need and what can be discarded, then return the keepers in an orderly fashion.

4. Vacuum the dust bunnies.

Some of us don’t have fancy platforms or multifunctional beds, but still store items under the bed. Whether or not you need to declutter that area, now is a good time to vacuum the dust bunnies (and all those errant pillow feathers that mysteriously flew under your bed).

5. Clean your adjustable base.

Who doesn’t love the zen comfort of variable positions with motorized convenience? If you’re lucky enough to own an adjustable base (and if you don't, here's why you should), you should regularly clean the dust from the base and all the moving parts. Regular maintenance will ensure a smooth transition to each and every luxurious elevation of your head and feet.

In the market for an affordable adjustable foundation? Check out the Power Adjustable Base from Brooklyn Bedding.


6. Wash your pillow encasement.

Many pillows, including shredded foam pillows, now come with a standard, washable encasement. While regular washing of sheets and pillowcases is essential, clean pillow encasements can also help reduce symptoms for allergy sufferers.

7. Buy new sheets.

New sheets, freshly laundered are one of life’s best, more affordable luxuries. After all that cleaning, you deserve to lay on the bed, breathe it all in and recapture that hour of sleep.

8. Protect your investment.

Mattress protectors and mattress encasements both safeguard your mattress from all types of fluids—encasements have the added advantage of protecting your bed from dust mites, bed bugs and bacteria. Whether you choose to buy a protector or an encasement depends on the level of protection you want; encasements fit over the entire mattress while protectors slip on like a fitted sheet. Throw your protector or encasement in the washing machine and tumble dry low for a complete bed refresh.

Not sure which is a better fit? Check out our handy guide to choosing a mattress protector or encasement.