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The 9 Best Weighted Blankets To Help You Find Your Zen: "Some nights you’re hot, and others you can barely keep your teeth from chattering, no matter the temperature of the room. If your body temperature is unpredictable, but you want want to reap the benefits of a weighted blanket, consider Brooklyn Bedding’s Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket."


The 6 Best Adjustable Beds of 2020: "If you suffer from back pain, Brooklyn Bedding’s Ascension Ultra Adjustable Power Base is a no brainer...With the touch of a button on its wireless remote control you can comfortably position yourself to your liking. We love that it comes loaded with preset positions for activities like television watching, zero gravity, and even anti-snoring postures, yet still allows you to personalize positions."


What’s the Best Weighted Blanket to Gift?: "One side of the machine-washable cover is a silky, smooth, and cooling fabric; the other is mink-y with raised dots like those found on a lot of kids’ weighted blankets (therapists say that feeling these little bumps can help with sensory processing issues)."


The 8 Best Weighted Blankets In 2020: Gravity, Bearaby and Brooklyn Bedding Top The List: "If your body temperature is unpredictable, but you want want to reap the benefits of a weighted blanket, consider Brooklyn Bedding’s Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket. The magic is in the flippable duvet cover: One side of the blanket provides soft, cozy warmth and the other uses cooling fabric that’s perfect for when you’re hot and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Twelve individual ties and loops help to ensure even distribution of the weight in the blanket."


The Best Weighted Blankets: "Brooklyn Bedding's weighted blanket is dual-sided with a silky cooling side and a minky textured side, and it was my favorite dual-sided weighted blanket. The silky side stayed cool to the touch and the bumps on the minky side provided a nice sensory option."


16 Spa Gifts to Treat Your Friends (or Yourself!) This Christmas: "This one comes with an insanely soft duvet cover you can remove for easy washing, and the blanket itself is available in 15- and 20-pound weight options, so you can get the best fit for you. (The general rule is the blanket should be about 10% of your body weight.) Pair it with Brooklyn Bedding's signature Tencel Sateen Sheets for your most restful sleep ever."


33 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend That Show How Much She Means: "She'll have the most calming night's sleep ever tucked up under this weighted blanket. They've been known to help with anxiety, restless leg syndrome, and more!"


Even At My Most Anxious, I Get My Best Sleep With This Blanket: "I’ve used this weighted blanket for nearly a year now and can confidently say it’s done two things for me. For one thing, I feel less anxious at night when I tuck myself under its heft. And secondly, I’m less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep."


Tried Everything, But Still Can't Chill Out? Weighted Blankets Are Here For You: "This multilayered, dual-sided weighted blanket from Brooklyn Bedding...offers its own blissful snuggling experience: one is fuzzy, textured, and warm, the other is silky and cool to the touch. It's embedded with temperature-neutral glass microbeads that's meant to give the user a calming hug-like feel when draped over them."


The Best Weighted Blankets, Tested by HGTV Editors: "Also reversible and great for year-round use, Brooklyn Bedding's weighted blanket features a cover with a cozy mink-like fabric on one side and a smooth cooling fabric on the other."


The Best Weighted Blankets, According To Glowing Online Reviews: "If you fluctuate between being too hot and too cold during the night but still want to reap the benefits of a weighted blanket, consider Brooklyn Bedding’s Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket. The magic is in the flippable duvet cover: One side of the blanket provides soft, cozy warmth and the other uses cooling fabric that’s perfect to use if you’re too hot when sleeping. Twelve individual ties and loops help to ensure even distribution of the weight in the blanket."


The Best Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket: "One side of the Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket is cool and smooth, while the other side is warm and textured, providing two different sleep experiences for the price of one blanket...(playing) to the whims of seasons and personal body temperatures. The textured side also provides sensory stimulation for your entire body."


Health and Relaxation Products for Spring – A Guide for Entrepreneurs: "The Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket by Brooklyn Bedding is designed to provide the deep touch pressure support that can result in a calmer, more soothing night’s sleep. Its dual therapy features come from a flippable and removable duvet cover: one side blankets you in a traditional, ultra cozy warmth and security; the other side provides the tranquility of weight, coupled with an advanced cooling fabric."


The Best Cooling Weighted Blankets, According to Experts: "Another favorite of Riccio’s is this clever double-sided style. She likes the duvet cover’s flexibility factor, as “one side is warm is cozy, and the other is cooling on the skin, which gives sleepers the chance to pick the side that best suits their temperature preferences at any given time.”


Consider These Eight Stylish Gifts for His Discerning Taste This Christmas: "Its deep touch pressure support feature allows for a more relaxing and tranquil night’s sleep. The removable and flappable duvet cover encompasses a traditional, cozy blanket on one side and a weighted, cooling fabric on the other."


The Best-Reviewed Weighted Blankets You Can Buy: "I have used other weighted blankets in the past, but this one caught up my eye due to the cool side that is promoted. The cool side is awesome. It is a great blanket for hot or cold sleepers—I don't think I am ever going back to my old weighted blanket!"


20 Best Wellness Gifts This Year, According to Our Editors: "Better health starts with better sleep. And better sleep starts with a weighted blanket, that provides a deep touch pressure support that can support calmer, more soothing sleep. We like that Brooklyn Bedding's blanket has a removable duvet cover and has two sides: one with ultra-cozy warmth and the other side with an advanced cooling fabric."


32 Stylish Gift Ideas For Women: "Help her enjoy a good night's rest with this two-sided weighted blanket with a removable and flippable cover. One side is designed to provide extra warmth and the other features a cooling, weighted fabric for comfortable sleep."


The Best Gifts for Parents: "This Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket will help parents relax while helping their room to look chic."


Here's Everything You Need to Survive the Holiday Season: "Now, it's time to chill a little. Bravo personalities have posted about the soothing benefits of lying under a weighted blanket. So, why not add one to your cuddling-up-on-the-couch-and-watching-holiday-movies ritual?"


15 Gift Ideas For The Burnt Out Friend In Your Life This 2019 Holiday Season: "They can really help with anxiety and are proven to help you fall asleep faster."


10 Self-Care Gifts To Help You Relax During The Holidays: "This cozy blanket by Brooklyn Bedding comes in two weigh options to help your body relax...soft, snuggly and perfect for when you’re feeling extra stressed or anxious."


25 Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Deserves Everything: “Good quality sheets are one of those things you never seem to have enough of…which is why (Brushed Microfiber Sheets by Brooklyn Bedding) make the perfect gift for the woman you've probably kept awake on countless nights, and deserves some good sleep.”


The Best of Wellness: 9 Products That Helped Us Get By in June: "These sheets have been helping me stay cool through the entire night, and the soft, silky material makes me long for my bed all day. Since I started using these sheets, I’ve also been guilty of working from home in bed so I can continue snuggling all morning."


15 Best Cooling Sheets Hot Sleepers Will Love In 2020: "If you want to keep cool while being gentle to your skin, too, then this is the sheet set for you. These sheets are made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers, which are naturally soft and absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton, keeping your skin cool and dry throughout the night. Bonus: They're also made from sustainable wood sources."


14 cooling pillows that will keep you from tossing and turning all night: "Every person sleeps differently, so this pillow looks to conform to your own personal sleeping habits. Designed with a pin core ventilation to help with air circulation and memory foam to adjust to your sleeping needs, this pillow will help provide you with extra comfort at night."


Cooling Sheets Could Be The Solution To Your Restless Nights: "This cooling mattress protector from Brooklyn Bedding functions in the exact same way that a regular one would, providing a hypoallergenic, waterproof barrier between your sheets and your mattress. However, this one is woven with a proprietary heat-wicking component that feels refreshingly cool on contact."


Sweaty Sleepers, These 9 Popular Cooling Sheets Are Perfect For Summer: "The Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Twill Sheets are made with rayon from bamboo, which is an amazingly breathable fabric. The soft material will help promote airflow and comfort all night."


10 Types of Pillows That Guarantee a Great Night's Sleep: "Natural latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree—yes, that's a real thing—which means it has no harmful chemicals in it. When it comes to natural latex pillows, "they're usually hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, which makes them resistant to dust mites—this can make them a good choice for someone with respiratory issues," Elena shared."


22 Of The Best Cooling Sheets For Hot Sleepers: "Brooklyn Bedding's Tencel sateen sheets that'll absorb moisture and keep your skin feeling *cooler than the other side of the pillow* (literally)."


The Best Cooling Mattress Pads for Hot Sleepers: "The Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector increases the durability of your mattress while keeping you cool. This cooling pad slips over the bed like a fitted sheet and protects your mattress from water, sweat, and other liquids that could damage your mattress...the quilted top works in sync with any other breathable cooling technology in your mattress for premium temperature control."


11 Cost-Effective Ways to Cool Your Home This Summer: "You can turn off the fans and the AC with this uber-cooling mattress protector. Pair with cotton or humidity-fighting sheet sets, and you’ll enjoy those summer nights."


If You’re a Stomach Sleeper, These Are the Best Pillows For You: "The cooling gel technology should help keep the faces of stomach sleepers sweat-free, while the anti-microbial cover works to keep the germs at bay."


The Best Cooling Sheets to Help Hot Sleepers Snooze in Peace: "These brushed microfiber sheets from Brooklyn Bedding are just $49 for a queen size set, making them the most affordable option on this list. But don't worry—that low price does not mean low performance quality. These sheets boast amazing breathability thanks to their lightweight feel and moisture-wicking materials, and the reviews back it up."


These Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Will Make You Seem So Thoughtful: "What better way to hint that you’d like to take a friendship to the next level than with a comfy Talalay Latex pillow?"


17 Best-Selling Sheet Sets for $150 and Under: "Even if your AC is on the fritz, these moisture-wicking sheets from Brooklyn Bedding can help keep you cool and dry on hot summer nights. Bonus: The sheets are made with 100% polyester to resist wrinkles and pilling."

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