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This cooling mattress protector helped reduce my night sweats — I'd recommend it to anyone who sleeps hot: "According to John Merwin, owner and CEO of Brooklyn Bedding, a good mattress protector can be a game-changer...it features the same smooth top knit used in the elite Brooklyn Aurora — their most popular mattress. The result is a silky-smooth fabric that is cooling on contact and helps protect the life of the mattress too."


6 Ways to Feel Like You’re on Vacation at Home: "Make your bed into a holiday-like nest by upgrading your linens to Brooklyn Bedding’s Tencel Sateen Sheets, which are made from a super-soft TENCEL Lyocell fiber blend. These sheets absorb moisture quickly, so you’ll stay comfortable no matter how many blankets you pile on top."


The Best Latex Pillows for Neck and Back Pain: “With a seven-inch loft, the is for the sleeper who needs the highest, firmest pillow out there. This pillow is springy and does a great job of retaining its shape. Back sleepers who switch to their side at night know the pain of a pillow losing its firmness, but this pillow will stay supportive through the night."


The Best Heating and Cooling Blankets: "This blanket really covers everything (sorry, we couldn’t resist). This pick is for anyone who wants all the bells and whistles: heating, cooling, and weight. One side offers warmth, while the other cools. Healthline Editor Chelsea Logan tested this blanket and says it’s soft and cozy. She says the cooling side is cool to the touch, so it doesn’t feel too hot despite the weight."


The Best Mini-Splurge: If you want the feeling of a higher-end pillow without dropping your whole paycheck, this shredded foam memory pillow offers the poshness of a fancier pillow at a more affordable price.


Spring Upgrades and Redecorating Ideas for Your Space and Life: “A luxury knit cover (on the Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow by Brooklyn Bedding) contributes to a highly plush sleep experience. For a more comfortable and cooler night’s sleep, enhanced airflow is combined with deep comfortability.”


11 Trendy Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts & Gets: “Perhaps nothing is better than cuddle time and a restful night’s sleep with pillows and sheets offering optimal comfort. For this, head over to Brooklyn Bedding for a variety of fab options, like…Brooklyn Bedding's Talalay Latex Pillow… Brooklyn Bedding's Premium Shredded Foam Pillow option.


8 Easy Ways to Make Your Bed Sinfully Cozy: A mattress protector is quite possibly the most underrated part of your bedroom setup, but one of the most crucial to ensuring a restful night's sleep...if you invest in a protector like this one from Brooklyn Bedding it not only provides a little extra padding but it has a cooling effect thanks to a conductive material that draws the heat out and away from your body.


The Best Sheets You Can Buy for Your Bed: “The Brushed Microfiber Sheets from Brooklyn Bedding offer comfort and durability at an affordable price, so you can have luxuriously soft sheets on a budget.”


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband: "After a cuddle session, he can lay on this new cloud-like (premium shredded) foam pillow by Brooklyn Bedding. It's sure to give your valentine sweet dreams all night long."


Need A New Pillow? Try These Best Selling Brands: "If you’re a hot sleeper, chances are you’ve spent many a night waking up frantically searching for the one cold portion of the pillow that remains. With this fast response memory foam pillow infused with copper-graphite and ventilation aids, the cool side of the pillow never disappears. Choose from high and low loft options so that you can have the support you seek."


28 Gifts You’ll Want to Add to Your Christmas Wish List: "This gift makes deep-sleep dreams come true thanks to eco-friendly harvesting, natural rubber tree materials used to create all-natural latex foam, and gentle contouring for the head and neck. It delivers more airflow than your old pillow, so your head will be the coolest in town."


10 best bed pillows for every type of sleeper - all under $75: "Made from a blend of deconstructed high-quality foam and cooling gel foam, this moisture-wicking pillow draws heat out and away from the head and neck areas making for a cooler night's sleep."


This Cooling Mattress Protector Is Just What Your Bed Is Missing: "Enter Brooklyn Bedding's Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector. Designed to protect your mattress from all the life things that happen, such as drink spills, while also elevating the cooling capacity of your bedding so that you can sleep well without waking up in a pool of your own sweat."


How to Decorate Your Home With Twill, This Winter's Hottest Textile: "Move aside, heavy flannel winter sheets. Twill sheets are an upgrade you’ll want to make to all your bedding in the upcoming months. The unique weave makes them ultrasoft and warm like your favorite flannel shirt, but still lightweight and breathable to keep you comfortable at night."


Buying New Sheets? Look Beyond the Thread Count: "Merwin is partial to his company's Bamboo Twill Sheets, which are unbelievably soft and hold up to regular washing."


47 Gifts Every Woman in Your Life Is Sure to Love: "These luxurious bed linens feature an exquisitely silky natural sheen, gently enveloping your body to enhance the quality of your sleep."


41 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts that Go Beyond the Bouquet: "This luxurious sateen sheet set is super gentle on the skin, soft to the touch, and designed to keep your body cool throughout the night. It's really a gift for you, too!"


The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week: "The open-cell memory foam bounces right back under pressure. It provides support without cratering—and it never seems to get hot. A thin gel surface draws heat out and away from your head and neck...Anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and soft as can be with a washable cover."


35 Bridal Shower Gifts Every Southerner Will Love: "You don't need us to tell you things get hot here.This super comfy uses cooling technology to draw heat away from your body. Pair this gift with monogrammed or prettily-patterned pillow cases."


Brooklyn Bedding's Online Gift Registry Shares Sought-After Items: “Brooklyn Bedding recently launched its own online gift registry, hosted by MyRegistry.com, which gives consumers the chance to curate a wish list of desired sleep items. As a great number of consumers have been doubling down on investing in products and rituals that support a solid night of sleep, this gift registry makes it easy to identify one's most sought-after items for sleep.”


Scouted Picks: Our Favorite Pillows for Any Sleeper: "Not only does it maintain its cool in fiery situations (like the humid summer nights of Brooklyn), it’s also very comfortable in a therapeutic kind of way — I’m actually waking up more refreshed than normal. Based on how you sleep, you get a choice of the pillow profile best fit for you...and the support it affords is incredible for my neck. I’m sleeping through the night with a cool surface under my head, for one. And then I wake up feeling like my back and neck muscles actually got some well-earned relief."


Having Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be Your Pillow - Here Are 12 Solutions: “Latex is a preferred type of pillow material for those seeking supportive, firm structure. The material itself is derived from the rubber tree and is also hypoallergenic. Brooklyn Bedding's Talalay Latex Pillow is available in both a low and high loft, depending on your needs. Shredded Foam Pillow from Brooklyn Bedding is made with cooling gel-infused shredded foam and a moisture-wicking, anti-microbial cover.The shredded pieces make for a softer overall effect and also allow you to manipulate the shape of the pillow itself, while still getting the support of foam."


We’re More Excited For These 29 New Family Products Than We Are For Spring Weather (Kinda): “Brooklyn Bedding's new Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector ($99) has really helped me keep my hormonal pregnancy night sweats at bay, thanks to the mattress topper's fabric technology that's designed to draw heat away from the body. Another huge plus? It's hypoallergenic and waterproof, which means I can breastfeed in bed and co-sleep with my potty training toddler without worrying about ruining my mattress. The silky top layer has a cushioned, quilted texture for extra comfort, which feels especially dreamy under crisp cotton sheets.”


These Tencel Sheets Are the Key to a Better Night’s Sleep for Hot Sleepers: “Specifically designed for hot sleepers, these sheets will feel like you always hoped your sheets feel like—soft without fleece, smooth without snagging on your rough patches...allowing your body to breathe freely throughout the night while you stay pleasantly cool and decidedly un-damp.”


Get Your Dad the Perfect Present This Father’s Day: “Dad can sleep comfortably through the night with this luxury cooling pillow from Brooklyn Bedding. It draws heat out and away from the body and uniquely supports the head and neck. Brooklyn Bedding also carries Tencel Sateen Sheets, silky and smooth with Tencel Lyocell fibers to absorb moisture and keep dad cool while sleeping.”


How to Become Dad’s Favorite This Year: “The perfect gift for any dad who is always too hot throughout his night’s sleep. The protector’s conductive material draws heat out and away from his body, creating a cooler sleep environment.”


Buy It Now or Cry Later: "I'm a side sleeper, and I've been struggling to find the perfect pillow for basically my entire life...all of college...Getting a good pillow is worth it in your 20s, trust me...this amazing Talalay Latex Pillow (which, btw, is made with all kinds of natural materials so it's extra gentle for your skin), my spine feels like, so healthy."


Want/Need: “I love Brooklyn Bedding because they have “fancier” more expensive options like bamboo twill sheets ($79-$129), but then they have super affordable options like these brushed microfiber sheets, depending on how much you want to spend…they are so silky smooth, which is pretty much the main thing I look for in bed sheets…it makes me feel like a Care Bear living on a cloud.”


All the Products You Need for Better Sleep, According to a Sleep Snob: “If you run hot, you'll appreciate these silky-soft Tencel…sheets that actually absorb moisture so you stay cool and dry while you sleep. They also stay super soft even after washing, making them well worth the investment.”


Gifts to Give Yourself for Valentine’s Day: “If you invest in these insanely soft Luxury Bamboo Sheets (by Brooklyn Bedding)…you will have plenty of incentive to serve yourself breakfast in bed.”


Spring Upgrades and Redecorating Ideas for Your Space and Life: “This sheet set may cause you to enter a state of never leaving your bed in the morning due to its extreme softness. This luxurious fabric is made from 100% Organic Bamboo Lyocell, which has a silky smooth and feathery soft texture from day one.”


30 Genius Retirement Gifts Everyone Will Love: "After years of hard work, your retiree deserves some restful, uninterrupted sleep. The gift of a Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Twill Sheet Set will set them up for restorative slumber. The bamboo-based threads help regulate temperature all night long and the soft-to-the-touch fabric is gentle on even sensitive skin types."


The Best Budget Bedding Startup: “I love the soft and breathable Bamboo Twill (sheets)…they're still quite affordable exceptionally useful during the warmer months when you might otherwise feel like you're sleeping in a sauna.


11 Trendy Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts & Gets: “Perhaps nothing is better than cuddle time and a restful night’s sleep with pillows and sheets offering optimal comfort. For this, head over to Brooklyn Bedding for a variety of fab options, like the company’s Bamboo Twill Sheets that deliver a luxuriously soft sheen with exceptional breathability for a cooler, more restful slumber.”


Brooklyn Bedding Just Released 3 New Pillows, and They're Perfect for Hot Sleepers: "If you're unfamiliar with Brooklyn Bedding, there's no time like the present to learn all about the brand. Brooklyn Bedding, a family-owned mattress and bedding company, has been around since 1995, and they have quite the selection of mattresses, bedding and more. In addition to their existing (and well-reviewed) Premium Shredded Foam Pillow, the brand just launched three new pillow options."

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